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Sensation and Perception This is the lecture outline, as provided by Dr. Ennis, with my own annotations.

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Richard Ennis

SENSATION AND PERCEPTION Lecture OutlineTwo Inseparable ProcessesSee Two Inseparable Processes OverheadExample The Eye As Optic InstrumentEye does not focus very well squeezes the lens o Pictures appear blurry elongated covered in blood vessels which the eye sees and the optical nerve entry appears as a black hole o Perception cleans up the image to what we see Transduction From E to PTransduction is how we get an external information into our head and interpret it o In vision light energy is transduced into neuronal language impulses o Photo sensitive rods and cones in the retina of the eye detect light waves transfer it to photoreceptors then to the optic nerve and finally to the visual cortex of the occipital lobe via the thalamus o Audition hearing works when pressure sensitive hair cells in cochlea of inner ear capture sound waves and transfer them to the tympanic membrane to the ossicles to the cochlea to the basilar membrane to the auditory nerve and finally to the auditory cortex of the temporal lobes via the thalamus o In gustation taste cells in taste buds sense the shape of molecules dissolved in the saliva and send an impulse to the facial nerve and finally to the taste receptors throughout the brain via the thalamus o Tactile touch is also directed by
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