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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

October 11 2011 Cognitive Psychology I – Memory Trumpet The Big Picture • Memory as Information Processing ◦ Stages and Events of Memory • Effortful Memory -When we are trying to learn and remember • Memory WithoutAwareness - When we remember things we do not realize we remember • The Fragility of Memory - Our memories are often a distorted view of reality Stages of Memory Video about man with damage to his hippocampus: Crucial for recording new memories Effortful Memory • How much do we retain? ◦ Not much for long in short-term memory ◦ We forget much of what we learn ◦ We can relearn it fairly quickly however • Cues that influence memory ◦ Semantic cues are helpful • Cues related to the self are even better • Context effects increase memory - mood and place of learning as memory cues • Interference in Memory - Learning names and learning Spanish after learning French Strategies to Improve Memory • Mnemonics: Make up a phrase where the first letter indicates something else EX. HeHenryLiesB/c.. • Chunking: Keep the list short; break larger info down into smaller parts. Ex. Phone # Memory WithoutAwareness ex. Recognize face, cannot recall name; Stuck on Test question • How priming can influence memory • Research withAmnesiacs ◦ Procedural memory Daniel Shafter: One of the first studi
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