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Richard Ennis

Bethany Ringel Sigmund Freud History • Jewish • Becomes a practicing MD wanted to become a neurologist • Conversion hysteria (condition in well to do women, where they would have unexplained symptoms) • Uses himself as a subject • Studies with joseph beuror • Comes up with the talking cure + comfy couch • Builded on word association as a clinical technique • Comes up with the interpretation of dreams (subconscious has relaxed sensors) • Critized for treating women as humans • The American version of freud’s book becomes popular • Flees to England Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Theory o Theories of personality focus on inner forces interacting to make us who we are o Behavior and conditions, develop between conscious and subconscious processes Developing Personality 1) Start life and live by the pleasure principle of one’s self (id) 2) Toddler develops ego with thoughts/memories that follow a reality principle + still a little focused on pleasure principle. [Type text] [Type text] [Type text] 3) Around 4/5 child develops a superego consciously internalized by parents + society with ideals of a morality principle. (ego ideal) A strong ego is required to keep the peace between the pleasure and morality principle. Layers of Personality  Above the Ice Burg- Conscious Mind  Just Below Surface of Ice Burg- Preconscious (outside awareness but accessible)  Deep Below Ice Burg- Unconscious Mind Personality develops from our ego trying to settle the tension between id and superego. Unconscious- all thoughts+ feelings hidden from awareness because they feel unacceptable. The Ice Burg is always pushing upwards toward the surface and we are unware that id is present.. Psychoanalysis Techniques  Wanted to get the unconscious to conscious  Thought there was meaning to slips of the tongue  Told them to talk about anything that came to mind “free association”  Projected tests were ink blobs that people would have to describe what they looked like  Thematic apperception test (TAT) Bethany Ringel  Shows a number of pictures of a scene and what has happened/will happen  Most reliable test of deciphering achievement measure Manifest Content • Brok
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