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Richard Ennis

LECTURE 01 INTRODUCTION, HISTORY AND RESEARCH METHODS WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? Five core courses: behavioural neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, and social psychology WHAT PSYCHOLOGY IS NOT: - Not psychoanalysis (not therapy/clinic particularly) - Not merely common sense (things we thought we knew all along, thought we knew the opposite as well) - Not torture of animals DEFINITION OF PSYCHOLOGY: - Psychology is hard to define, because people are hard to define - Psychology is about people and what makes them up - A way to think about psychology o What people think; its about the thoughts in peoples heads o Historically, thoughts should not be part of psychology o How we feel about things, our emotions, our motivations o Reactions without thoughts that correspond with them o Emotions are not always the same as thoughts, are not always captured by our thoughts (how people feel) o About behaviour, how you act (mostly defined as) o Thoughts, feelings and behaviour not to go together (it is about people and what makes them up) THE THREE BEGINNINGS OF PSYCHOLOGY - Who do people think is the first psychologist? - Freud (one of the beginnings in psychology) o The psychiatric tradition in psychology o An important contribution to the beginnings of psychology o Started psychoanalysis o This tradition is more in medicine than in psychology (medicine branch: psychiatry) o Psychiatrists have no training in psychology o The Interpretation of Dreams till 1898 - Testing Tradition o In the study of intelligence testing o Developed in England o Sir Francis Galton (first cousin of Charles Darwin) o Heavy biological influence on testing tradition o Represented particularly in the evolutionary side of psychology o Narrowest tradition (out of 3) - Academic Approach (Laboratory Psychology) o Wilhelm Wundt The 1 psychology laboratory Wrote much more than Freud Interesting: his failure Wanted a clearly scientific approach Father of academic approach Thoughts could be divided into mental atoms (base psychology on chemistry) o Three Reactions to Wundt Laboratory Psychology William James A contemporary of Freuds Made lots of progress and a very important contribution Brought psychology to N.A. John B. Watson Early proponents of behaviourism Gestalt psychologists in Europe Wundt: important for others to come up with ideas (his contribution is not as much) THE PSYCHIATRIC TRADTITION THE MAJOR THEORISTS OF THE PSYCHIATRIC TRADITION - Freud o Psychiatric tradition was dominated by Freud o A complex theory about the way the psyche worked o Two motives that drive people: sex & aggression o Much of what drives our behaviour is unconscious o Huge inner mental life that we are unaware of (very complex and devious) o Oedipus Complex (very wacky not a lot of believe it) Freud: what influenced much of adult development Central problem to the human psyche Found: children boys want to have sex with their mothers, and in realizing that this is not possible, vicariously live this through their fathers sex life with the mother Wacky idea because: not help to explain how women developed - Carl Jung o Brilliant man o More important for his literature in terms of its interpretation of the world Steppenwolf - Carl Adler o Totally different ideas from Freud o Adler believed that people wanted to be powerful, wanted to be in control o Adlers thoughts in modern psychology with the concern for self- esteem o Made transitions into Ego Psychologists - Ego Psychologists o Followed in the Freudian tradition and important impact on modern psychology o Erik Erickson Model of Social Development o Karen Horney & Henry Stack Sullivan focused on the importance of relationships i
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