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Richard Ennis

LECTURE 02BEHAVIOURAL NEUROSCIENCE I THE NERVOUS SYSTEM AND THE BRAINTHE BIG PICTURENeuron o The basic cells that make up the nervous systemPeripheral Nervous System o All the other nerves that run through the body which are not the brain or the spinal cordThe Central Nervous System and the Brain o One of the frontiers that we understand the least of in psychologyThe Endocrine System o Hormoneso The different chemicals that float through the blood and also influence usPutting it all togetherThe Example of Hunger o Not completely separate systems all work together and influence each other o Example of hunger to see how all these systems work togetherTHE NEURONMyelin Sheath o Globular part of the neuron which are not found in the neurons of the brain o Let the electric current bounce from node to node so that the impulse can travel quickly when touching a hot stove you can put your hand back real quick o Neurons which are part of the Peripheral System and part of the spinal cord actually work faster than our brain allow quick reactionsdue to the electric pulse cant get to jump or skip o DendritesAt the back end of the neuron Back endleft Front endright Neural Impulse in between Myelin Sheath among Myelin SheathNeural Impulseelectricity that moves around neurons the uniqueness of neuronsconducting electricityNeural Impulse moves from Dendrites to AxonsAxon Terminal branches of the Axonfront end where the neuron travels to
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