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PSYCH 211: Lecture 22 Notes

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Mathieu Le Corre

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Documentary -all the children and parents took a personality test -extroversion = james -introversion = elanor -they score at opposite ends of the scale -low introverts are way more sensitive to stimulation than to high extroverts -it seems like the environment James lives in affected his behaviour (he was always around loud people, requiring him to be loud in order to be heard, etc.) -the environment is maintaining what we say in James at birth -over time, the extremes tend to converge towards the middle -what helps James remain in extreme extroversion is not just due to genetic predisposition, but also maintained by environmental effects -twin study: -one had more of a square face, the other had a more thin/round face -the more square face is usually seen as more dominant (unlike the thinner/rounder face) -the twin that cares for the toy baby has the face that is not dominant -chemical gradients in the womb affect the development of the face -biologically determined difference between the kids affects how the parents interact with the kids, and the way the parents interact with the kids affects the kids (sort of a loop of behaviour and effects) 9. Complete lack of care has massive effects -orphans received good nourishment and health care, but very little emotional care (they would receive medicine when they were sick and food to eat, but no love or affection like hugs and kisses) 10. Breaking attachment has massive consequences -when mothers left their children in orphanages, babies lost motivation to live 11. Harlow’s monkeys and the “invisible bungee cord” (VIDEO) -1 view: babies are
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