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CHAPTER 8 Psych 211

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Chris Burris

CHAPTER 8 – OTHERS (THERY OF MIND) PRETEND PLAY:  Play that involves the use of actions or objects to represent real life or imagined actions, objects, or characters  To engage on pretend play, one must understand mental states (e.g.: the child understands that the mom Is pretending that she’s using the banana as telephone)  Sensorimotor play: child’s play involving object manipulation as a means for the practice and mastery of actions FACE PERCEPTION  Fusiform face area: the area of the brain that is dedicated to face perception  Inversion effect: the disruption in face processing that is observed when face is inverted (i.e., if pictures are inverted, people are slower to choose)  Holistic processing: the integration of the whole in contrast to its parts (i.e. it is hard for people to see that the top part of the face is identical when the bottom halves are different because we automatically process the face as a whole, not by parts)  The early development of face perception: o Babies would prefer looking at faces than rumbled face parts o Babies orient to faces at birth and at 2 months but not at 1 month o U shape curve: Infants show competence, then in a later stage fail to show it, and on the later stage are able to show it again  Perceptual narrowing: o A developmental process in which perceptual mechanisms become more specialized such that infants lose the ability to discriminate between categories that are irrelevant. o Human 6 months olds were good discriminati
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