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PSYCH 211: Lecture 4 Notes

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University of Waterloo
Mathieu Le Corre

Movement Learning to move the typical sequenceDramatic changes in postureFor approx a year we cannot locomote anywhere dont learn to walk until 1 year oldalthough we are slow at learning to use our 2 legs to walk a huge price it has a lot of advantages in the long run the many adaptabililties the legs provide ex rock climbing skating skiing running etcwithin 1 year of a babys life they go through a lot of dramatic changeshow does it work We dont take walking lessons the way we take tennis lessonsWalkingalthough walking looks like a physical thing which it is but it is also very much a mental thing o you cant move your legs with coordination without internal activities ex in the brainWhat goes on during walkingwalking is a highly coordinated series of fallsthats why pinker say that walking seems to be a recipe for disasterwalking when you slow it down you see that as we walk we are constantly falling forwards and catching ourselvesWalkinginvolves a whole bunch of body muscles and coordination back abs arms head etc o its not just the legs that are moving otherwise you would look like a robotCentre of gravity goes up and down and left and right Each hip sways backwards and forwardsOur gait adapts rapidly to new situationsWe have to take in information from the environment to adapt our gait o Ex walking on grass sand ice through mud on mountains carrying weight etc
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