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PSYCH 211: Lecture 8 Notes

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Mathieu Le Corre

Model core knowledge system the indigo bunting navigation system looked at what nonhuman animals survived in the wild how they communicate how they predict position of sun in the sky learn survival tactics etcfrom this people find that they have a large capacity to learn these kinds of things within days of birth some animals already show knowledge of geometry numbers time etc whereas humans dont learn things like this until a few years of ageBunting migration paths up to 3000 km buntings travel at night far distancesHow baby buntings learn where to fly toControlling the babies experience 3 conditions some birds saw a normal sky rotation around Northern star some birds say a different sky rotation around a different star no exposure to any skyTest where do buntings fly to when time for southern migration comes Predictions birds exposed to North star as C of R should fly away from it since they fly south in October birds exposed to other star as C of R will fly away from that star birds with no exposure will fly in random directions HOWEVER if the Northern point is innate in birds ALL bird regardless of the 3 conditions should be able to fly away from true North
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