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Lecture 6

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Mattieu Lecorre

Lecture 6 Possible Exam Questions - FACT/Memorization Question o Whenever she feels her mom’s nipple in her mouth, baby Daphne automatically starts sucking. One day, she accidently places her thumb in her mouth and she starts sucking on it. She repeats this several times until she becomes as good as sucking her thumb as she is at sucking her mom’s nipples. o What Piagetian learning mechanism describes what baby Daphne did when she learned to suck her thumb?  Accomodation  Assimilation  Assimilation and accommodation  Accommodation and equilibration A & A without equilibration: change in sucking reflex - Neonate schema = sucking reflex - Reflex responds to contact with nipple o Nipple is only external object that is part of sucking schema - Assimilation: discover that thumb can trigger sucking o Now both thumb and nipple are part of sucking schema - Accommodation: adapt mouth shape to shape of thumb - According to Piaget, assimilation and accommodation always goes hand in hand - Generalization Question o According to Little Romeo’s schema of the Earth, it supports us because it is flat like a pancake. In school, he learns that the Earth is round like a ball. He accepts this new fact, but his Earth schema leads him to think that no one could live on it because we would fall off, This doesn’t make sense because people don’t fall off. To solve this problem, he imagines that people live on top of a flat surface inside a transparent spherical Earth. This way he can keep the core of his Earth schema: ie. It supports people because it has a flat part. o What Piagetian learning mechanisms describe how little Romeo made sense of new information about the shape of the Earth?  Assimilation only  Assimilation and accommodation  Circular reactions  Disequilibrium followed by equilibrium Assimilation, accommodation, and equilibrium - Assimilation: try to make sense of as much experience as possible with schemas you have - Disequilibrium: encounter experience that doesn’t fit in schema o Things don’t make sense any more - Two possible reactions: o Accomodation:  Keep same schema but change it a bit so as to assimilate new experience o Equilibration:  Replace old schema with new one that does better job of organizing all experiences - Either way things make sense again! Analogous to assimilation of “leaping planets” into geocentric schema leads to accommodation of schema History of geocentric schema - START: core of schema = earth at centre - NEW OBSERVATION: plants leap backwards - To assimilate new observation and keep schema, must accommodate it: add extra axis of rotation - No equilibration because core of schema doesn’t change: remain committed to earth at centre of universe According to Little Romeo’s Schema - START: core of schema = earth supports people because it’s flat - NEW OBSERVATION: Earth is round like a ball - To assimilate new observation and keep schema,
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