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Lecture 8

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University of Waterloo
Mattieu Lecorre

Lecture 8 Adult model of physical world - “A world composed of permanent objects constitutes not only a spatial universe but also a world obeying the principle of casualty in the form of relationships between things, and regulated in time, without continuous annihilations or resurrections” (Piaget, 1954) Object permanence - Babies go for hidden object at 8 months - But babies make the A-not- B error until 18 months - Piaget’s conclusion o Before 8 months, object is “a mere image which re-enters the void as soon as it vanishes, and emerges from it for no objective reason” (Piaget, 1954) - Renee Baillargeon (1985) o These tasks are too hard for babies o Require means-end planning  Eg. How do I get the object under the cloth?  Means: I hate to remove the cloth first - Frontal cortex activities done by a baby will be slowly or not achieved because it is the last part to fully develop - Children see this as operant condition; they think that as long as they reach for an object under the orange blanket, they are rewarded with something. So, they will continually do the same task, even when the object is placed in the grey blanket. They think that reaching for the orange blanket is where rewards will be given, despite knowing that the grey blanket is where the object is located o Eg. Facebook addiction where I continually turn on the internet browser and choosing to visit Facebook, although I was checking my hotmail - This may very well be the reason children do not recognize where the object actually is located Object Permanence: the drawbridge experiment - How “looking time” is measured: o 2 experimenters (who don’t know what infants are looking at) time how long it takes until infants look away from the stage - Results o 4.5 and even some 3.
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