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Lecture Notes Nov. 17 & 22 very detailed lecture notes from Nov. 17 & 22. This material is not in the text book

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Ori Friedman

November 1722 2010 Psych 211 THIS SECTIONNOT IN BOOK Competence vs Performance Competencewhat you know Performancewhat you do with what you know Factors affecting performance nervousness alertness memory anxiety hunger A new performance factor Executive Functions Executive Functionsan umbrella term it doesnt refer to one thing refers to a family of things These functions are helpful for making decisions much like an executive of a companyPlanningInhibition and Impulse controleg the thumbsup and pointing game Prepotent responsedominant response must be inhibited suppressed in the hand game Mental flexibility task switchingRule acquisition All these executive functions are associated with the prefrontal cortex of the brain There are certain tasks tests that were designed to assess executive functions in adults that had had brain lesions in the prefrontal cortex If these tests are simplified so they are appropriate for children major changes are seen in the preschool years Executive Functions testsStroop task Adult versioncolour names are shown in a different colour ink The task is to read the colour of the ink that the colour name is written in Green Yellow RedStroop task Children versionshow children a series of 16 cards 8 cards of 2 types Presented in a random order When shown a picture of the sun in a blue sky child must say night when shown a picture of the moon in a night sky child must say day Typical pattern for 3yearolds is to give the prepotent response and fail Typically 5yearolds pass this test Children do better when shown unrelated pictures and still had to say day or night
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