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Lecture 4

PSYCH 211 - Sensory & Motor Development (Lecture 4 & 5)

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Mathieu Le Corre

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Lecture 4THJAN162013PERCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENTWhat is the perceptual world like in first four months of lifeWhat do these babies taste smell hear and seeTASTEAdult taste organized around 5 dimensions bitter sour salty sweet umamiTaste in NewbornsFacial reactions to sweet sour and bitter tastes in 2hour oldsSMELLResponse to chemical composition of gasesAdults can discriminate up to 10000 different chemical substancesSmell memory in newbornscan 35 day old neonates discriminate moms Amniotic Fluid from unfamiliar AFThe experimentParticipants Half neonates breastfed since birth others bottlefedoTo test whether preference for familiar is learning during breastfeedingStimulioCollect AF at moment of deliveryooFreeze at 20C Thaw minutes before experimentoFor babies of smoking mothers nonfamiliar AF came from other smoking motherProcessoNeonates are reclining in little seat and are wrapped in blanket only allowing arms to come outoTo participate neonates have to be awakeoUshaped device is installed near their face without touchingoOwn AF presented on cotton pad on one side unfamiliar on other sideoPresent each smell to baby by turning babys head toward each smell and holding there for 30 secoReturn babys head to centeroFor each smell measure how long babys head is oriented towards itResultso35 day olds learn smell of moms AF in the womboNeonates spend more time sniffing moms amniotic fluid than nonfamiliar AFoCant be learned in first days of life because bottlefed babies show same preference as breastfedTasteSmell in NewbornsTastelots in place at birthoBy 2 hours of life 35 basic tastes are discriminatedSmellalready memorableoSome discrimination of smellsoSmell memories can be formed in the fetusHEARINGIn adult auditory system turns oscillating waves of air into soundsSome combinations of sounds are special musicWhat do infants hear when we play music to themWhat is musicSequence of sounds notes in time
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