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Lecture 9

PSYCH 211 - Naïve Psychology (Lecture 9, 10 & 11)

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University of Waterloo
Mathieu Le Corre

THLecture 9FEB62013NAVE PSYCHOLOGYSocial ReasoningHumans are extraordinarily socialoWe try to understand each otheroWe cooperate with each otheroWe learn from each othercultural transmissionWhat makes these social interactions possible Nave psychology special concepts to explain human behaviourNave Psych vs Nave PhysicsFundamental differencehow they explain behaviouroCauses behaviourmotion of animates beliefs goalsProf crosses the stage to get to podium because he WANTS TO change slideThe goal is the cause of the action but you cant see goalsoCauses of behaviourmotion of inanimates external forcesBall crosses the stage to get to podium because it WANTS TO get there NoCrosses because motion was caused by something elseBall didnt move because it had a goalA problemWe cant see inside objects How can we tell whats animate and whats notHeider and Simmel oGot us to describe shapes with attributes and traitsGoals big triangle wants to harm small triangle and circlesmall triangle and circle know thattries to hide and protect themselves Why do we do thisLecture 10THFEB112013NAVE PSYCHOLOGYA set of mental tools designed to explain behaviour of self and of othersKey concepts GOAL and BELIEFIn nave psych GOAL and BELIEF are thought of as causes of behaviouroeg why did the chicken cross the roadThe concept GOAL is fundamental to cooperationoTo cooperate we need shared goaloTo help in some cases we need to see goal before person accomplishes itWe talk about behaviour of all kinds of things in terms of GOAL BELIEF and other mental states to explain behaviour of thingsoSunflower turning toward sun it wants some sunshineoSlow computer its thinkingoEven simple shapes triangles and circles in animationWe do not perceive goals and beliefsoTry to find a picture of a beliefWe attribute them to things organisms and peopleDevelopmentWhen do we start understanding behaviour in terms of GOAL and BELIEFoIs that mode of understanding sort of like and instinct ie is it innateoDo we get them through experience interacting with othersoDo we have to be taught how to use these concepts
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