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Lecture 16

PSYCH 211 - Morality (Lecture 16 - 18)

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Mathieu Le Corre

Lecture 16THMAR112013Readings for MidtermththLecturesFeb 4 to Mar6TextbookChapter 4 Section 43 onlysection on Core Knowledge ALL of Chapter 6 Languageo30things never mentioned in lectureIdentify problemsunderstand evidenceconclusionslook for other evidences from txtbkMORALITYValuesMoral PrinciplesIdeasbeliefs used in judgments of permissibility of actionsoIs pulling out an axe and destroying the desk permissibleoIs it ok to take a baby wipe and clean the deskoInvolved in a moral judgementPart of fabric of everyday lifeFuel for conflictDifferential Social GroupsoLeft vs Rightwing politicsoReligions Christianity Catholicism Buddhism etcall comes with their own set of moral principlesoSocial class Working class Middle upper classhave different valuesEx Middle upper class values freedom of thought uniqueness standing out ambitious and Working class values community fitting inoEtcMust figure these out to function within and across social groupsIn order to be able to function well in society we got to be good in figuring out the values and morals our own group and other groupsConscience helps us figure out what is right and wrong and to do the right thingAbsolutely fundamental to human natureHow do we do itMoral Judgements CreativeWe constantly make judgments about permissibility of extremely varied set of actionsoTar sands exploitationoGiving bribes to get contractsoWalking naked on campusoSlaying our pet dog for dinneroLetting hockey players punch each otheroHaving a sip of a random strangers coffeeoAccidentally killing civilians in a war against enemy stateWe have moral judgements for all of theseHow do we get to a point where we are able to make these moral judgements and make them in a more or less systematic wayoNot quite like waking up in the morning and thinking its ok to dig up oil in Alberta but wake up the next morning thinking its notoOne day we might be forcefully for tar sands exploitation but after hearing reasons we might question if it really is okoWe need reasonsoOur judgements are changing because our judgement is sensitive to evidence or info in systematic waysPOINTwe make these judgements for all these situations and our judgements are relatively stable and have something systematic to them
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