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John Rempel

PSYCH 230 PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM SEPT 11 The legal system as a social process - We are social creatures: need help from others to survive (newborns), we live in groups, capacity to survive/develop/be dominate creatures on earth is because of our ability to work together cooperatively (we have empathy). Also to dominate/hurt/ignore others. - Maximize prosocial cooperation - Minimize antisocial competition (putting your needs ahead of others) (them losing for your gain) - Larger communities require rules because of antisocial competition - 2 systems that interact  Rules and enforcements/sanctions - How we think/feel/behave in response to our laws - How people relate to others, our goals/priorities/working together - Communities value fairness & best way to live/work together Interdisciplinary Understanding of the Legal System - Many disciplines contribute to understanding how legal system works: philosophy/anthropology/sociology (criminology)/history/political science/law etc - Common to other topics (the health system, family relationships) all requires many perspectives to understand - Don’t need to go outside of psychology to apply other lenses (sub-disciplines within psychology)  Major divisions within psychology  2x2 table: roles [understanding (researchers: basic research about general people) and [intervention (practitioners: testing and assessments, look at specific persons behavior)]  Both must: gather information and promote change  Understanding + Promote Change: applied research: forensic/legal psychologists (directly applied to legal contexts)  Intervention + Promote Change: treatment in an individual, not a system P
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