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John Rempel

PSYCH 230 Values and Law SEPT 18 Values and Core Motives - Schwartz (1992) Core motives: basic motives human have are reflected in our values.  Cross-culturally research (30 places in world/cultures) asked what they valued  Bottom-up process: look at overlap in results, observe values shared by everybody. Found 56 cross- culturally mutual values. After finding values, found new participants, given questionnaire to rate the values on scale (people usually write 7/8/9 on scale) can see which values group together/oppose each other (what are all the 9’s rated)  Schwartz’s Values Circumplex: labels (ie. Stimulation, self-direction, security) in a diagram that show which values are connected/opposed (ie. Achievement [intelligence] close to Power [wealth]) 4 dimensions: conservation/self-enhancing/self-transcendent/open to change. Seeking things that benefit us (open to change) & avoiding harm (conservation) relate to law (keeping tradition, approach/avoidance, law grows in response to social nature). - Values: trans-situational goals (big goals that are present in different situations) that varies in importance that serves as guiding principles (use to move ahead thoughts/behaviors). Guides emotional reactions. Things that matter to us. Motivation (valuing food when hungry [drives your behavior]) - Canada uses common-law system  Courts interpret statues according to precedent (cane be established 100 years ago [resistance to change]) strong conservation value system, but there are systems that allow correction and change (as things around us change)  Having higher appeal courts. Can only change lower court decisions if didn’t follow precedence  Adversial approach: settle disput
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