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Lecture 4

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Chris Burris

Week 4: Lecture 1 Tuesday, October 1, 2013 5:45 PM POLICE CULTURE AND PERSONALITY Requirements and Demands  Multiple and diverse tasks o Not just one thing to do; always something new (sometimes you dont have specific training)  Knowledge of the law and act lawfully  Promote a positive image o If not, is detrimental  Bureaucratic and personal stress o Bureaucratic: lots of paper work; careful and precise; did something questionable that has to be looked into o Personal: at personal risk at all times **empathy: police have empathy and that means they have to deal with the victims and what they see Personality Characteristics  Leftowitz (1975) o No differences in psychological disorders or intelligence (question at that time) o Differences in suspiciousness, cynicism, conservation, authoritarian, loyalty, secretitive, physical courage, and self-assertive  Wooten and Brown (2000) o "cop culture values": suspiciousness, cynicism, conservation, outgoing prejudice, pessism, solidarity, pragmatism, mission, and action orientation  3 Cluster 1. Physical courage, self-assertiveness, pragatism, mission, action orientation i. They have training and responsibility to get involved (its their job) ii. They have the authority to get involved 2. Suspicion, cynicism, pessimism, loyality, solidarity, and se
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