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Psychology and Law Research Methods

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John Rempel

Monday, September 16, 2013 Psych 230 – Lecture Two Psychology and Law Research Methods True or False - Is a discredited eyewitness worst to the prosecutor’s case if there was no eyewitness at all? TRUE? - Eyewitnesses who can remember trivial details of a crime are more likely to correctly identify the guilty person? FALSE? - Eyewitnesses who are more certain of what they saw also tend to be more accurate? FALSE? - Attractive defendants are more likely to be found guilty than those unattractive? FALSE? - Jurors are more sympathetic to defendants who share their religious beliefs? TRUE? - A judge’s order to ignore inadmissible evidence can actually add to the testimony’s impact? FALSE? - A more severe potential punishment makes jurors less like to convict? TRUE? - A minority that favors acquittal stands a better chance of convincing the majority than a minority that favors conviction? TRUE? - When a judge disagrees with the jury’s decision, it’s usually because the jury acquits someone that the judge would have convicted? TRUE? Guiding Ethical Principles - Respect for human dignity (acceptable: inducing stress) - Respect for free and informed consent (acceptable: staging crimes like theft) - Respect for vulnerable persons (children and those autistic) - Respect for privacy and confidentiality - Respect for justice and inclusiveness - Balancing harms and benefits (likely to learn not that impactful?) Theory of Science - We assume that the world is an “orderly” place where we can determine cause and effect relationships - The goal is to understand something so that we can predict and/or control it - This requires testing hypotheses with studies that ideally eliminate a
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