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Lecture 6

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University of Waterloo
Chris Burris

Lecture 2: False Confessions  Why would someone confess to a crime they did not commit o Pressure from interrogation o Get out of the interrogation o Fame o Trying to hide who actually did it  WHY o Three types of false confessions...  Voluntary confession: where they voluntary say that they commit a crime (for fame, to hide what someone else has done, or confess to another crime that they arent being interrogated for)  Coerced compliant confession: under pressure you agree to something you didnt do; you might think you are trapped so you confess to try to get out of it or want a lesser sentence  Coerced Internalized: think they are guilty for something they think they did but didnt o "I do not interrogate innocent people"  Interrogators are thinking, Im going to find them guilty and get the information out of the accused  Interrogators are trained to use pressure techniques to get confessions out of people  Higher pressure interrogation if guilt is assumed  Especially because innocent people will deny their guilt  Isolation, confrontation, minimization (people just want to get this over with because it is uncomfortable  They arent being asked if they did the crime, instead they are being told by the interrogator that they did do it  Interrogators present them with false evidence that makes the accused think that they must have done it  When authority figures are telling you things, you may be more likely to believe them  9/10 people agreed to put money in a parking meter that wasnt theirs when a
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