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University of Waterloo
Gabriele Niccoli

PSYCH 230 NOV 25 SANITY AND PSYCHOPATHY NCRMD vs. “Just Plain Nuts”  Case of Jeffrey dahmer o Was he unfit to stand trial  Variations in mental disorders o Morally dysfunctional? o Incapable of standing trial?  Jeffrey dahmer makes very little sense to us  Don’t know why people like Jeffrey dahmer comes along  Wagon wheel of perversion o Reasonably classified as sorts of mental disorders  Most people look at Jeffrey dahmer’s activity and think it doesn’t make sense, they feel he is not normal, therefore he in not sane  A lot of people in the world who have caused as much suffering or more  Concentration camps, somebody in their mind thought that was necessary  Can think about some of these things and just consider them evil not insane  You cant relate to Jeffrey dahmer, therefore you think he is nuts because you don’t understand his acts  Somehow, somewhere he justified his acts, and felt they were worth it  WE CANT UNDERSTAND THIS  Legal criteria for standing trial o Understanding right and wrong  Do they understand the proper thing to do o Were they able to prevent doing wrong  Could they have done something to stop it Drank so heavily he could do it b
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