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Psych 232- lecture 1 (Paradise lost film)

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University of Waterloo
Chris Burris

Psych 232 – Lecture 1 (January 9, 2011) Movie: Paradise lost: The children murdered at Robinson hills  Focus on religion and satanic elements  Families of the victims were not satisfied by having the suspects guilty, but also wants the whole family of the suspect be punished  The suspects’ family, only had symphaty to their children not symphaty with the family of their children 1. What’s happening in the characters? (emotions, language/ images, behaviors) a. Victim’s families – the families of the victims really hated the suspects; severe hate and reminiscing was felt by them; one mom felt like dying because of the loss; can’t describe the pain they’ve in to; fighting for their children’s rights; b. The accused – one defended himself; said that what is being accused in them is not true; they said they worship God, not the devil; one talked about revenge (not sure); the last two accused acted like they were innocent during the trial c. Families and friends of the accused – the suspects told their families that they didn’t do it yet the families believe them; the families believe that their children are innocent; said that if their son admitted them the crime, they will believe – parents fight over what to do to their son
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