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Lecture 6

lecture 6 Winter 2012

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University of Waterloo
Chris Burris

LECTURE 6 HATE: EVIL’S ENGINE What is hate? 1. MOTIVE  hate is a motive, not an emotion  hate involves goals; the goal of hate is to diminish or destroy the well-being of another  hate is the intent of harm A. Motive is Thermostatic  when a motive is activated, it will stay switched on until you get your goal and when you get your goal, it will turn off  If you don’t get the goal, it will stay switched on B. Instrumental or Ultimate Goal  Instrumental – it is the mean to an end (I want them to get hurt because I want justice to be served)  Ultimate Goal – the end itself C. Emotions as Antecedents  various emotions may trigger hate to harm HOW DO WE KNOW? 1. The Prototype study  rate what does hate means to you from 1 to 7.  Motive to harm gets 4.84; Strong emotion gets 4.02; weak emotion (i.e. irritation) gets 2. 56  Motive to harm > Strong emotion > weak emotion  Motive to harm captures hate more than strong emotion  Irritation or any other weak emotions are not merely considered hate 2. The thought quote study  How much to each of these quotes captures hate to you?  5.99 – “I want to hurt him. Period.” (HIGH)  2.50 – “I want to stop him from what he’s doing but I don’t want to hurt him (LOW) 3. The template study  Nihilism template – to end something  Redress template – “something has to be done to let them realize th
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