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Lecture 8

LECTURE 8 psych 232

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LECTURE 8 FACES OF THE ENEMY (CREATING THE PERCEPTION OF EVIL)  Key questions: - What is an enemy? “Other” “Them” - What “faces” do not appear? Not inanimate objects - What EMOTIONS are relevant? Anger, Disgust, fear - Is the ENEMY always evil? No. - Is the ENEMY always HATED? No.  ANGER  Someone blocking your goal, you get angry, and you respond by pushing back [SELF  DISGUST  Putting the others down OTHER  SELF OTHER  FEAR  Running away from the other OTHER  SELF   The initial reaction of fear is being afraid but the secondary is anger  HATRED o ANGER, DISGUST AND FEAR can all activate HATRED. o Hatred’s goal is eliminating/ killing/ destroying the Other  Dehumanization o The more the enemy is different, the more the enemy is wanted to be dehumanized  “Human like me” enemies  “healthy respect”  Not evil  Not hated o “Worthy Opponent”  Have healthy respect to his/her opponent’s abilities o What emotions are relevant? o =ANGER; symbolic disgust (things that contaminate the souls, things that you don’t want to see; talking about immoral deeds not objects)  The angry lady on the film (if world was not corrupted, contaminated, everything would be fine) o =EVIL o =H
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