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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Psych 232

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University of Waterloo
Chris Burris

THE ENGULFMENT MOTIVE  Conceptualization – Amoebic Self Theory o Single cell has 3 basic survival needs: eat, retreat, excrete o Excretion (psychological excretion, during break up, getting rid of the former life with your partner) o Eat =“engulfment” o 3 domains  Bodily domain – includes taking in stuff from all aspects of the environment; it’s measurement is sensation  Social domain – having an interpersonal impact on other people or wanting to dominate in other people; measurement is domination  Spatial- symbolic domain – acquiring identity markers (with symbolic meanings or repository of memories)  “What if the appetite doesn’t shut off? o Bodily  hedonism/ excess  “I don’t want a nice needle, I want 4 of them.”  Causes problems that result from excess  E.g.: drug addiction o Social  domination and control  Influence to its extreme – the desire to dominate in control of others  ”I want to influence you but I don’t want you to gain from me or without letting you influence me.” o Spatial symbolic  treating the world as mine  e.g.: you won’t respect other people’s private or public property  How far will people go to justify their “appetites”? o Scapegoating – “you know what? there’s a good reason for why I did what I did.”  One way of justification MEASUREMENT: STUDY : THE ENGULFING SELF-SCALE o Bodily  “Feeling somebody relax while I give them a massage will be a very satisfying experience.”  Sense of sensuality or taking self in from the senses  Sensory input o Social  “Encircle all the individuals that you’ll be interested in doing this to...” “making somebody nervous”; “competing”  The more people they circle, the more they feel it  Taking in or making one’s territory in the physical environment o Spatial-symbolic  “No matter how much I have, I always want more. I’m just that kind of person”  “I get irritated when I go into a classroom and someone’s on my seat.”  Taking in or making one’s territory in the physical environment; owning/ marking one’s territory STUDY 2: CORRELATIONS  Bodily (focus on one’s self) o sensation Seeking (lite) ; thrill seeking events  People who score high in bodily engulfment measure ( people who are thrill seeking) tend to be more sensation seeking (lite –no hurting of other people)  Social ( focus on one on one interpersonal relationship) o Machiavellianism ( a scenical manipulative attitude towards other people)  higher social engulfment correlates to higher manipulation; manipulation implies the one way street o Psychopathy (“I never cry to funerals”; wild and crazy lifestyle)  social engulfment is related to greater psychopathy o Social Dominance orientation (“some social groups are inherently more deserving than other social groups are”)  higher social engulfment orientation projected more social do
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