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Connecting Attitudes and Behaviour

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Hilary B Bergsieker

Connecting Attitudes and Behaviour Attitudes - A person’s favourable or unfavourable evaluation of a target object or idea - Relatively enduring organization of beliefs, feelings, and behavioural tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events, or symbols Challenges - Inconsistent attitudes o Inconsistency between affective and cognitive components makes it difficult to predict behaviour - Context effects o Question order – maneuvering people’s attitudes - Low attitude-behaviour correlation o Attitude-behaviour inconsistency o People state they would deny services to members of the Chinese race as guests at an establishment, attitude states no, behaviour proves otherwise as they were served 99% of the time Attitudes shape behaviours Theory of planned behaviour - - Specific Attitude: Birth Control o Study of married women’s use of birth control pills o Participants answered attitude questions: general to specific o Two years later, asked participants if they had used birth control pills since the interview o Correlation found in the attitude with the correlating behaviour - Subjective Norms: premarital sex o Measured  attitudes about engaging in premarital sex and subjective norms o Attitudes and norms predicted sexual behaviour  Males more influenced by subjective norms  Females more influenced by own attitudes - Perceived Behavioural Control: Grades o Do attitudes and subjective norms alone predict grades?  Students assessed at the start/end of semester o Attitudes and subjective norms only moderately related to actual grades o Behavioural control also predicted actual grades Implicit attitudes - Unconscious evaluation of attitude object - Implicit Association test (IAT) o - Relation to expli
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