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Steve Spencer

STEREOTYPE THREATS  Do negative societal views of the stigmatized create a self-fulfilling prophecy? (Not always) 1. Crocker and Major 1987  Looked at all the groups whom they can think of. All kinds of stereotype groups who have low stereotypes around them look to themselves with low self-esteem? They don’t have low self- esteem.  You can compare yourself to other people who are in your group. You could do better about yourself.  If you are a member of negative stereotype groups, you can attribute negative treatment by others in a prejudice. Major, Spencer, Schmader, Wolfe, & Crocker, 1998 – Believing the test is biased  Ps will take n intelligence test. A difficult test.  Conditions. Biased test and non biased test condition  Let them take a test measuring how they feel after.  Africans have higher happiness when the test is biased, and europians have higher while the test is not biased.  Stereotypes do not lead to Self fulfilling prophecy most of the time. MODELOF STEREOTYPE THREATS EFFECT Stereotype threat - just because you’re in a group with a negative stereotype, people would also have a negative view of you. You don’t think it’s true though. Cultural stereotype  stereotype threats  Performance defecits or avoidance of stereotypes domains STEREOTYPES AND SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY – CONT. Do negative societal views of the stigmatized create a self-fulfilling prophecy? (Not always)  Yet sometimes they do - Stereotypes Threat, Achievement and Retention 1. Women and math (Spencer, Steele, & Quinn, 1999) - Have participants are good in math and is important for them to be good in math -Rs gave them a hard math test – GRE in mathematics - Control: we would like you to take the math exam -Experimental: removed stereotype threat, on this math test, there’s no differences on the performance of men and women -In control female did not do well; in experimental, or no conditions, female did well almost the same as male. 2. Blac
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