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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 -Conformity_and_obedience

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Steve Spencer

CONFORMITY AND OBEDIENCE The Sherif Study *Autokinetic effect - what is it? *Bringing people together in a group *Let them make estimates together *What do you observe? Results of Sherif Study The Sherif Study - Extensions *Variations in the basic study *Tested a year later *Transmission of beliefs *Suicide and Suggestibility Conformity in Suicide Attempts Asch Study *Influenced by World War II *Introduced unambiguous stimuli *Confederates gave the wrong answer *Observed subjects responses Stimuli in Asch Study Reactions of Participants in the Asch Study Extensions of the Asch Paradigm *Variations on the basic experiment *Non-consensus in confederates Effect of One Dissenter in the Asch Paradigm Extensions of the Asch Paradigm *Variations on the basic experiment *Non-consensus in confederates *Group Size Effect of Group Size in the Asch Paradigm Reasons for Conformity *Sources of Influence *normative influence (asch study) *- you listen to other people because you want to fit in informational influence (sherif study) *- you go along because you could get informational things to other people / im worried of what they have to say Milgram’s Obedience Experiment *The Procedures of the Study *The teacher and the learner
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