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Self lecture PSYCH 253

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Steve Spencer

THE SELF The Perceiver Shapes Reality - How Our Self-Conceptions Shape Reality *Effects of the Self on Perception and Memory *The Self-Reference Effect How Do we Form Our Self-Conceptions *Looking Glass Self - Cooley & Mead *Introspection *Nisbett & Wilson Studies – they ask people why they did something, almost everyone said it wrong *Raising the Tide - priming the concept of tide *Ratings of a Warm or Cold Instructor – after they watch the professor, they give reasons about the cold and warm professor (clear more articulate better than cold) *Affective Forcasting – strong emotional reaction; *we’re bad at forecasting thing. In things that we thought would hurt, it would not be a big problem at all; terrible coz were not good at (situation affects us) *When big events happen – people respond when small things happen, they’re taken for granted *Social Context *McGuire’s describe yourself studies - kids are respondents reserchers ask them to describe themselves (things that sets them apart are the words they use to describe themselves) *Social Comparison Theory – “how do we decide what we like? When we compare ourselves to other people?”; when you look at other people, you compare yourself to other people to define yourself Markus’ Model of the Self *Self-Schemas - Reaction Time Study *Working Self-Concept - Markus & Kunda - Geek vs. Clone study Self-Schemas *Had subjects who described themselves as independent, dependent, or neither *Subjects responded to words that cued independence or dependence *Subjects who described themselves as independent responded more quickly to independent traits *Subjects who described themselves as dependent responded more quickly to dep
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