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Social Psychology and Law

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Hilary B Bergsieker

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Social Psychology and Law RACE AND CRIME - Visual Processing – Race-Crime Stereotypes o In retelling – there is a higher likelihood that the razor a white man was holding would transfer to the black man holding the weapon o Priming race – primes the idea of crime (especially for black prime) o Detecting race in motion – body language o Dot-Probe Study – finding crime, with a dot (prime) behind the black face, more readily than a white face (and primes with objects like weapons) - Sentencing – Looking Deathworthy o Stereotypicality can be a face of a defendant can be life or death o IV: naïve Ps rated defendants’ faces’ stereotypicality o DV: does stereotypicality predict life or death?  For blacks who murdered whites, stereotypicality predicted sentencing - Dehumanization and State Violence o White people were the highest evolved of the races (1800s) o “Negro-ape” metaphor  Connection between black people and primates  Stereotype is not well known (<10%)  California police slang for cases involving young black men:  “N.H.I.” (No Humans Involved)  An officer involved in the Rodney King beating referring to a black couple’s domestic dispute:  “It was right out of Gorillas in the Mist” - Dehumanization and Sentencing o Photos of death-eligible Black, White defendants o IV: newspaper coverage of cases coded for use of ape-related words o DV: does ape imagery predict life or death for black defendants? o Black defendants described in ape-like terms were more likely to face death sentence t
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