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Cults and Commitment -February 6th 2013.docx

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Hilary B Bergsieker

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PSYCH253 February 6 2013Cult and CommitmentExtreme Persuasion and Resistance Everyday and extreme persuasionFear appeals o Harnessing Emotion o Happy moodpersuasion When youre eating or listening to music o Fearful moodpersuasion Fright increase responsivenessBetter for preventing bad actions than promoting good actions Daisy commercial texting and driving commercial Smoking CessationPs smokers exposed too Quitting instructions o Scary lungoperation film o Instructions and film Is it enough to scare people or do you need to scare and give instructions Scary film increased desire to quitScary film instructions led to lowest smoking rates 3 months later Foot in the door effect o Selfperce
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