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Effects of Leaders and Minorities- Feburary 27 .docx

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Hilary B Bergsieker

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PSYCH253- January 27 2013 Effects of Leaders and Minorities Definitions of Groups - People who: o Interact and influence each other o See selves as “us” o Have interdependent relationships o Share common fate Common Treatment Begets “Groups - Ps saw 40 headshots of apartment owners - IV: Event o Positive: oil discovery o Negative: tornado - IV: Treatment o All 40 affected o Only 1 affected - DV: estimated number of nationalities, ethnic groups, languages among owners - Higher scores make people less seen as a group - Lesser score is minority - When only one person is affected, they see group as heterogeneous - When everyone is affected, they seek more homogeneous Social Identity Theory - We strive to maintain positive social identity - Positive social identity depends on comparing ingroup favorably to relevant outgroups o See ingroup as positively distinct from outgroups - When social identity is unsatisfactory we either: o Leave group to join more positively distinct group o Make own existing group more positively distinct Some group identity markers - Terms for insiders/outsiders - Attire/appearance - Initiation - ingroup bias Leadership types Machiavelli (1532) - Effective leaders - Deceive - Ruthlessly pit competitors at each other - Coerce - Use fear and manipulation Social Psychology - Have group- specific expertise - Build cooperative relationships - Transform group goals via own charisma and commitment - What is the most important aspect of transactional leadership? o Individualized consideration - Task leadership is focused on organizing work and setting stand
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