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Hilary B Bergsieker

PSYCH253- April 1 2013 Social Psychology and Law Continuation from Week 11 Module 20 Applications: Staying Together - Don’t cohabit before marriage - Wait until at least 20s - Remain committed to marriage - Keep positive outlook - Find someone who has same interests - Focus on positive benefits found in being married in society Race and Crime - Visual Processing - Sentencing - Dehumanization Eyewitness testimony - Fallibility - Influence Background: Association, Incarceration - Criminal Stereotype of Blacks - Much higher chance that people would think that the razor the white man is holding was actually held by the black man - Retelling of story from one person to another Race Prime: Flashing Faces Subliminally - After the flashing of faces - They do an object Detection Task - Where people are asked what they see in a fuzz and as time goes by it becomes less and less noisy - At what threshold can they tell what the object is? - Crime relevant would be guns and knives - Crime irrelevant would be pocket watch, telephone, bugle horn, penny, key, book, camera, cup, saucer, stapler, staple remover - Even unconsciously with black person flashes, they would be more inclined to think of crime related objects - It would prime them to see guns more readily - For crime irrelevant, it didn’t matter whether they were primed with white, no , or black prime faces - With Crime Relevant – being white prime needed more frames in order to recognize object - With black prime, they needed less frames to recognize object, no prime was control no difference Detecting Race in Motion - Degraded visual stimulus - How rapidly could they identify race of actor - For white actor it didn’t matter what you flashed at them, they detected whiteness at same race - For black actor, when shown images of knives and guns they were much more quicker in detecting blackness - Crime made them more prone to relating to blackness than whiteness Dot Probe: Visual Attention to Race - How fast can you identify dot when it appears - No prime, people tended to look at the white face - Crime prime, suddenly they are more likely to recognize dot behind black face - More dot means they were more prime to looking at that region - Mean reaction time is lower in no prime for white, but higher in crime prime Criminality Perceptions (Police Officers) - high stereotypicality for black higher for criminality ratings Sentencing: Looking Deathworthy - eligibility higher for darker skin tone - photos of death eligible Black, White defendants - IV: Naïve Ps rated defendants faces stereotypicality - DV: Does stereotypicality predict life or death? - For blacks who murdered whites, stereotypicality predicted sentencing - For black victim – No association - Black killing white – person with high stereotypicality of black face has higher probability of death sentence - Perpetrator was convicted in a all cases Dehuman
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