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chapter 5- Persuasion Lecture notes for Chapter 5

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Emiko Yoshida

Week 5: Persuasion Persuasion - Getting a date - Getting a job - Asking a favour - Selling products Overview: - What paths lead to persuasion? o Central vs. peripheral route of persuasion - Real world implications –how can you win someone’s heart? - Dark side of persuasion o How can persuasion be resisted? Central Route to Persuasion - People “elaborate” on a message o Listen carefully o Analyze content of message o Motivation (e.g., personal relevance of the topic –does it matter to you? o Ability (e.g., not tired) - Most effective when make strong arguments - Weak arguments will backfire –people will counter-argue Peripheral Route to Persuasion - People do not “elaborate” o Don’t pay close attention o Don’t stop to analyze message o Instead are influenced by surface characteristics of message (peripheral cues) - Associating the product with cool and attractive people o E.g., beer advertisement  HANH beer –guy jumps into hot tub with girl o E.g., smoking in movies  Ads are not allowed anymore, so smoking is advertised in movies  The MASK –Jim Carrey blew heart smoke rings and an arrow through it - Sometimes commercials use both central and peripheral routes o E.g., Video clip: Mac vs. PC commercials Persuasive elements: - Attractiveness and liking - Reason vs. emotion - The effect of arousing fear 1 Attractiveness and Liking - Attractiveness; o Physical attractiveness o Similarity o Subjective preference (e.g., personal values, way of life, etc.,) - Central route; o Open to the argument o E.g., Video clip: Michael J. Fox  He talked about stem cell research  He is attractive so we will tend ot listen to him and agree with him - Peripheral route; o Trigger positive association Reason vs. Emotion - Rational appeal; o Works best for well-educated audience o Central route to persuasion - Emotion; o Works best for disinterested audience o Less analytical people o Peripheral route to persuasion (likability of the communicator) The Effect of Arousing Fear - The more frightened people are, the more they respond - Pleasurable activity (e.g., smoking) o People tend to engage in denial o Scary message can be overwhelming o Scary messages + provide a solution - E.g., Video clip: texting while driving –intense car accident - E.g., Poster: smoking is like suicide Resist Unwanted Persuasion: Challenging Beliefs - Attacking commited people strongly enough will cause them to take a stronger position - E.g., Video clip: Friends –Phoebe and Ross argue about evolution o Ross mildly attacked Phoebe’s beliefs, thus causing Phoebe to become more committed to her belief aga
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