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Lecture 10

PSYCH 257 Lecture 10: Motivation psych

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Carolyn Wilson

Motivation: Psych Drives that help preserve homeostasis • Homeostasis: the constancy on internal conditions that the body must actively maintain • Regulatory drives: promote survival • Safety drives: drives that motivate an animal to avoid and escape or fend off dangers • Reproductive drive: this is the drive to have sexual desires and to take care of young • Social drive: requiring cooperation of others to suvive • Central state theory of drives says that different sets of neurons control different dries • A set of neuron’s in which Activity constitutes a drivers called the Central Drive system • Researchers believe that the hypothalamus is the hub of many Central Drive systems The reward mechanisms of the brain • There are three components of reward liking wanting and reinforcement’ • Liking the first is a subjective feelings of pleasure or satisfaction that occur when one receives reward • Wanting the first of the desired to obtain a reward • The medial forebrain bundle neuron’s of this track are most crucial for this rewarding effect have their cell bodies in nuclei in the mid brain and synaptic terminals in a large nucleus in the basal ganglia called the nucleus accumbens • The nucleus accumbens is now understood to be a crucial center for the B of oriole effects of rewards in humans and other mammals • Menu neuron’s of the medial forebrain the end in the nuclues accumbens and release dopamine as their Neurotransmitter • This release appears to be essential for the wanting component of reward but not for the liking component • The neuron’s that are responsible for the liking component of the Brain release endorphins Hunger • The neuron that constitute the food – o stat that exist in several clo
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