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Lecture 8

PSYCH 257 Lecture 8: Chapter 8- depresice

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Carolyn Wilson

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Chapter 8: depressive and bipolar disorders Symptoms associated with depressive and bipolar disorders: • Depression: mood changes and extreme sadness. • Rumination: the process of thinking about past negative events over and over again • Emotional symptoms of mania/hypo: people experience extreme euphoria and get a feeling that they can accomplish anything and that they are special or above everyone else • Cognitive symptoms: display energized goal oriented behaviors • Pressures speech: rapid, frienzied or loud disjointed speech • Behavioral symptoms of mania: people act impulsively and engage in uncharacteristic behaviors • Major depressive disorder: it involves severe depressive symptoms • Anxious distress: symptoms of motor tension, difficulty relaxing worrries and feelings that something catastrophic will occur • MDD with a seasonal pattern: they experience depressive episodes when seasons change • Persistent depressive disorder: involves chronic depression in which the symptoms are present more than not during a 2 year period • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: basically pms, involves episodes of serious depressions and irritability right before the menstrual cycle starts • Persistent complex bereavement disorder: they still missing the person years after their death. They miss the longliness with the person. The death had to have significant effect on the persons interpersonal relationships • Prevalence of depressive disord
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