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Self Attitudes Pt. 2

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University of Waterloo
Allison Kelly

LECTURE 19 FINAL LECTURE SELFATTITUDES AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGYTODAYS OUTLINETransdiagnostic approach to psychopathologyTheory of evolution threatsafenessSelfcompassion what is it why build it and what to considerResearch findings on selfcompassionApplications of selfcompassion RECAP OF LAST CLASSTransdiagnostic approach to psychopathologyFramework for understanding vulnerability and maintaining factors common across disordersPrevention and treatment approaches likely to help with a range of disordersA way of looking at similarities across the disorders o Gilberts theory is a transdiagnostic approach Gilberts theory of evolution threatsafenessAffiliation care and warmth as primary evolved threat regulatorAbsence or inconsistency of these cues at times of distress early onshame selfcriticism underdeveloped soothing systemSelfprotective strategies to manage shame rely on threat and drive systems not soothing system Introduction to SelfCompassionDefinitions Theory that relating to self compassionatelysame physiological effects as others being compassionateCan be scarymeans facing and often sharing shame relying less on old selfprotective strategies and cultivating new ways of coping with distress RESEARCH FINDINGS ON SELFCOMPASSION The Nature of SelfCompassionStable personality trait associated with memories of parental warmth o BUT also malleable to intervention o Things that we can do to help people bexome more self compassionateCorrelates positively with selfesteem and conscientiousness o BUT not narcissism OR selfcriticism 1
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