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Psych 257 Chap 2 Psych 257 Psychopathology Barlow et Al: Abnormal Psychology 2nd CDN edition Chapter 2

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Uzma Rehman

An Integrative Approach to Psychopathology various components of a multidimensional integrative approach to psychopathologyDimensions Biological psychological Influences emotional developmental One Dimensional or Multidimensional Models one dimensional trace origins to single cause systemic perspective on causalityhence any particular influence contributing to psychopathology cant be out of context What Caused Jodys Phobia Behavioural influencesJody blood phobia UR associated w similar situations of US but why didnt anyone else develop the phobia Biological influences not just conditioning biological dysfunction overactive vasovagal reaction as wellhence complex interaction bw behaviouralbiological factorsincreased phobia risk Emotional Infuences emotions affect physiological response eg BP HR emotionally evade bloodrelated situations Social Influencessocial attention rejection esp Authority figures can increase psychological disordersDevelopmental Influencesdevelopmental critical period moreless reactive to a situation Eg Certain ages Outcome and Comments Jody 7 days gradual exposure to bloodapplied muscle tension lower BPescape phobiaability to solve via finding cause of abnormal behaviourfocus on multidimensional approach Genetic Contributions to Psychopathology Genes influence physical characteristics can also influence behaviour traits personality The Nature of Genes 23 pairs of chromosomes provide programs for development of bodybrain problems with ordering of base pairs of double helixdefective gene polygenic multiple genes influence development hence quantitative genetics sum up tiny effects across multiple genes New Developments in the study of Genes and Behaviour 12 of enduring personalitycognitive ability due to geneticsgenetics plays a role in all disorders but account for 12 of explanation found specific small set of genes associated w certain disorders disorders are polygenicbut genetics play a role due to environmental stimulus that triggers genetic vulnerability The Interaction of genetic and Environmental Effects brainfunctions are plastic changeable according to environment even to genetic leveleg Environment can trigger genes to turn on the diathesisstress modelvia polygenetics inherit tendency to express certain traitsbehaviours that activate under stressdiathesis condition that makes a person susceptible to developing a disorder eg Caspi et al People with LL long alleles better able to cope with stress than SSshort alleleThe reciprocal Geneenvironment Model person with genetic vulnerability may have personality traits that increases odds to experience the environmental triggeregDepression susceptible people may be inclined to seek tough relationships etc
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