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Psych 257 Chap 10 Psych 257 Psychopathology Barlow et Al: Abnormal Psychology 2nd CDN edition Chapter 10

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University of Waterloo
Uzma Rehman

Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Disorder current view all normality is subjective usu accepted unless assocd w impaired functioning paraphilia arousal occurs in context of inappropriate objects or individuals abnormal arousal What is Normal sexual risks higher in university students eg unprotected sex oral contraceptive use most common Gender Differences common men masturbate more endorse sexual fantasies fantasize more permit casual sex women report passionateromantic feelings as integral to sexuality men power aggression Cultural Differences whats normal sexual behavior in one culture isnt necc normal in others The Development of Sexual Orientation homosexuality runs in families diff exposure to hormones in early life diff brain structure multiple genes create vulnerability interact w environment to affect brain structure functionboys w boytypical behaviours find girls exotic boys w girltypical behaviours find boys exotic Gender Identity Disorder if persons physical gender is inconsistent w sense of identity feel trapped in body of wrong sex not sexual arousal or just acting effeminate GID rare 1240001150000 in certain countries Causes not much spec biocontribution maybe diff levels of testosteroneestrogen at critical dev Periods firms up bw 18mos3yrs fixed afterwardsinfluence excessive attentionphysical contact w mother Treatment most common sex reassignment surgery alter physical anatomy to be consistent w identity sex reassignment surgery to qualify must live in opposite sex role for 12 yrs must be financially socially and psychologically stable post surgery 2 commit suicide treatment of intersexuality aka hermaphrodites usu gender re
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