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Psych 257 Chap 14 Psych 257 Psychopathology Barlow et Al: Abnormal Psychology 2nd CDN edition Chapter 14

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University of Waterloo
Uzma Rehman

Developmental Disorders usu disorders start as kid w full symptom later DDs show clinically significant symptoms in childhood Perspectives usu child develops 1 skill before next thus any disruption earlydisrupt development later on knowing what process is disruptedbetter intervention strategies changes at biopsychosocial levelreduced impact of disorder despite disorder having large bio base knowledge of normal development needed in order to distinguish bw normal and disordered Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder common show pattern of inattention hyperactivity or impulsitivitydisrupt academicssocial skills Clinical Description difficulty staying on task w attention usuunfinished tasks seem not to be listeningalsomotor hyperactivity impulsive shout out etc consistent across cultural groupspoor academics more dangerous behavior causes attnimpulsive problems or brain impairmentunpopular rejected by peers usu directly related to impulsivity inattention hard to make friends Statistics 6 of schoolaged kids symptoms must be present before age 7 usu more boys 41 symptoms start4 yrs 68 have problems through adulthood ex Crashes speeding usu more diagnosed in NA overdiagnosis but now other countries showingratespervasiveness comorbid w hostiledisruptive behavior learning problems risk for antisocial problems w boysCauseschance if in family multiple genes ex Dopamine D4 transporterD5 genesalso assocd w brain damage not major but ex Volume of brain is smaller w ADHDposs Toxins ex Allergens but little evidence more evidence of prenatal smoking and adhd negative response by parentteachersit still behave
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