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Carolyn Wilson

Neurocognitive DisordersWednesday July 02 2014903 PMAssessment of Brain DamageInitial ScreeningAssessmentMental status examinationInterview about functioning characteristics coping skills behaviorNeurological testsEEGMeasures firing of neurons using electrode placed on scalpCan detect electrical activity and brain wave patternsCAT scanUses xrays taken from various anglesMRIUses magnetic field and radio pulses to produce brain imagesPETMonitors metabolism of glucose in brainCan determine if disease is active or dormantCan determine if tumors are benign or malignantSPECTProvides longer but less detailed images of metabolic activityEach technique has strengths and weaknessesCAT scan is less expensive and faster than MRIMRI does not use xraysbetter at detecting neoplasms brain abnormalities related to seizures and lesionsNeuropsychological TestsStandardized measures to assess functioning in different cognitive domainsMemory language visual spatial attention executive functioning motor functioningNeurocognitive DisordersResults from transient or permanent damage to brainCaused by brain dysfunction that affects thinking processes memory perception and consciousnessChange in behavior and emotional functioning are commonly seenThere are three types of neurocognitive disordersMajor neurocognitive disorder1Mild neurocognitive disorder2Delirium3Possible causesDegenerative conditionsStrokeHead traumaInfectionInfluenced by social and psychological factorsMajor Neurocognitive DisorderSignificant decline inOne or more cognitive areas1Ability to independently meet daily living demands2Deficits in multiple cognitive areas are common Neurocognitive Disorders Page 1
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