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Psych 261 Chapter 6 Psych 261 Physiological Psychology Kalat: Biological Psychology 10th Edition Chapter 6

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University of Waterloo
James Danckert

Psych 261Chapter 6 Vision Module 61 Visual Coding light rays bounce off objects in all directions only see rays that hit retina perpendicularly General Principles of Perception perceive objects by energy they transmit eg reflect light store and encode info In terms of neuron response law of specific nerve energies 1 aspect of codingwhich neuron is active impulses in some neurons indicate light light stimulates specific set of receptors stimulus strength coding etc depends on firing rate From Neuronal Activity to Perception Brain activity does not duplicate the object you see The Eye and its Connections to the Brain light enters via pupil focused by lens and cornea projected to retina lined w visual receptors light strikes contralaterally Route within the Retina message goes from retina back to bipolar cells center to ganglion cells center then to brain ganglion cells form optic nerve at back of eye point where light leaves forms blindspot no light receptors Fovea and Periphery of the Retina fovea central portion of retina specialized for acute unimpeded detailed vision hawks have 2 foveas midget ganglion cell G cell in fvea small responds to single cone peripheral vision better sensitivity to dim light Visual Receptors Rods and Cones 2 receptors rods by periphery good at faint light Cones near fovea colour vision and bright light rodscones rati
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