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Psych 261 Chapter 7 Psych 261 Physiological Psychology Kalat: Biological Psychology 10th Edition Chapter 7

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James Danckert

Psych 261Chapter 7 The Other Sensory Systems humans have spec sensory specializations eg sense of taste bitterness for poison Module 71 Audition various sense systems have specializations but also commonality bw systems Sound and the Ear auditory systems well adapted to detectinterpret useful info Physical and Psychological Dimensions of sound sound wave periodic compression of air water other media amplitude aka intensity Loudness determined by vertical extent of sound wave frequency Hz compressionsec pitch aspect of perceptionfrequencypitch avg able to hear 15hz20000Hz kids can hear higher frequency Structure of the ear outer ear pinnaauditory canaltympanic membrane eardrum in middle ear tm transmit vibrations to 3 bones malleus incusstapes vibrateoval window set fluid in cochlea in motiondisplace hair cells auditory receptors hair excite cells of auditory nerve Pitch Perception gives ability to differentiate sounds via frequency Frequency Theory and Place Theory Frequency basilar membrane vibrates in sync w soundaction potentialssame frequency place theory basilar membrane has spec area w spec frequency activates hair cellsonly 1 place Combo frequency theory for lowfrequency sound place theory for high frequency volley principle auditory nerve as a whole creates volleys of impulses for 4000hz people vary in pitch sensitivity amusia tone deaf impaired detection of frequency
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