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Psych 261 Chapter 14 Psych 261 Physiological Psychology Kalat: Biological Psychology 10th Edition Chapter 14

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Psych 261 Chapter 14 Cognitive Functions difficult but interesting to research cognition ex Splitting the corpus callosum leads to separate minds Module 141 Lateralization of Function in human brain left hemisphere has different functions from right The Left and Right hemispheres skin receptors and muscles are connected to contralateral cerebral cortex as are eyes ears ipsilateral control for taste smell trunk and face is controlled by both hemispheres info of both sides are shared via the corpus callosum lateralization division of control between hemispheres ex Left for language right for emotion Visual and Auditory connection to the hemispheres visual field right half shines to left side of both retinas and sends info to left hemisphere Half of axons at each eye cross to the opposite side at the optic chiasm auditory system ears send to both sides for localization when ears receive different info focus becomes contralateral Cutting the Corpus Callosum originally a treatment for epilepsy cut the focus so the seizure affects only half the body lead to less frequent seizures but patients became splitbrained splitbrain people can plan 2 actions at once but cant combine visual info seen at opposite sides left hemisphere use for speech production 8095 greater than rightspeech comprehension is more equal but still slightly greater in left thus split brain people can name objects seen at their right visual field info goes to left hemisphere but cant tell items in left visual field where items go to right hemisphere Split Hemispheres Competition and Cooperation Split brain people have hemispheres that process info independently post surgery the sides act separate later brain learns to use smaller connections between left and right hemispheres ex Commissures but still they cant fully combine the information The Right Hemisphere right hemisphere able to perceive emotions and judge tone of voice left hemisphere damage leads to reliance on right better judge of emotion lying also used for spatial relationship Finding way around overall patterns and visual features Hemispheric Specialization in intact Brains left speech right emotional inflection of speech interpret emotions spatial relation overall patterns Development of Lateralization and Handedness ex Left hemisphere is dominant for speech production in 95 of righthanders and 80 of left Anatomical differences between the hemispheres planum temporal of temporal cortex larger in left hemisphere of 65 of peopleusually if right handed people with an increased ratio of Planum Temporal in left hemisphere show better at language tests people with equal ratio of PT show increased ability at nonverbal tasks Maturation of the Corpus Callosum brain creates maximum axons in corpus callosum
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