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Psych 315 Methods and results

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University of Waterloo
Maureen Drysdale

Methods and results – extract; what the authors did, what type of study, how large the sample was, how generalizable; external to internal validity Lit rev. and intro – rationale should be clear; must provide a framework LECTURE 2 – September 18, 2012 PUBERTY, HEALTH, BIOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS 1. WHAT IS PUBERTY?  growth  Endocrine system changes * GnRH, FHS, Gonads (estradiol, testosterone) DEFINE!!!  Primary and secondary sex characteristics  Brain development changes  Female changes o Adrenarche – the adrenal cortex increase levels of androgens; early signs of pubic hair, increase in sweating (BO); around age 7 o Thelarce – where breast tissues develop; marked by increased levels of estrogen; around age 7 o Menarche – timing of first menstrual bleed; ovulation – takes a few years before ovulation becomes regular 9timing depends on biology, environment, diet) – age differs  Male changes - Testosterone secretion – testes develop; penal growth  Androgenic effects – maturation of the genitals  Anabolic effects – development of muscles  Early versus late maturation STUDIES 1. Is psychopathology associated with the timing of pubertal development? (Graber, et al, 1997) - Compared with on time girls, early maturing girls had significantly elevated lifetime rates of: Major depression, substance abuse smoking, disruptive externalizing behavior disorders, eating disorder, lower self- esteem, more days missed at school, higher rates of suicide - Early maturing boys: higher levels of depression, higher current rate of tobacco and drug use - Late maturing boys (compared to ontime): more daily hassle, more internalizing behavior problems, poor self-esteem, poorer coping skills, more conflict with parent, more tardiness at school 2.
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