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Lecture 4

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Motivation: Emotional Intelligence 1. Emotions and Emotional Intelligence a. Reaction to belief that emotion clouds judgement i. “Where we have strong emotions, we’re liable to fool ourselves” – (Carl Sagan, famous astronomer) ii. What do you think? Do emotions help or hinder judgment? 1. Form pairs and discuss for 2-3 minutes - think up possible examples (can do both i.e. love/hate in relationships) 2. Most ideal experiment is to eliminate emotions from people – eliminate the emotional part of the brain a. Rely on natural occasions to test this 2. Emotions and Judgment a. Phineas Gage 1. Shot through emotional part of his brain – he lost all emotions 2. Should be making exceptionally good judgements – make rational judgments 3. Everything remained the same (i.e. IQ, etc BUT emotions) ii. Made terrible choices (behaved erratically, irrationally) iii. Emotions provide valuable information for decisions – regulatory function in decision-making iv. Emotions product of evolution and therefore adaptive 3. EI Claims a. EI is a form of intelligence separate from cognitive ability (i.e. math, verbal, spatial skills) b. Two views i. “Popular Press” view (i.e. Goleman) 1. Claim all you need is EI (though no evidence to support his claims) ii. “Academ
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