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Lecture 7

Lecture 7b

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Doug Brown

Lecture 7b – Attitudes 1. What is an attitude: a. A fairly stable evaluative tendency to respond consistently to some specific object, situation, person, or category of people i. Stable – doesn’t change quickly/easily ii. Evaluative – how much you like/dislike something iii. Specific – relate to a target b. Hypothetical construct – cannot touch it, but exists in people’s heads – does not reduce the impact 2. Where do attitudes come from? a. 3 components i. Cognitive component 1. Thoughts, beliefs about the attitude object ii. Affective component 1. Feelings, emotions toward the attitude object iii. Behavioural component 1. How you behave toward the attitude object 3. Example: attitudes towards Americans a. Cognitive (belief): i. Americans are superficial, arrogant, lazy b. Affective (feeling): i. dislikes Americans c. Behavioural (action): i. Predisposition is not to hire American employees 4. Attitudes and Behaviours a. Think + feel + act  attitude  behaviour i. Care about attitudes because: 1. If we know this, we can predict their behaviours (in the future) a. Turnover, helping out at work b. Research suggests that the relationship is weak c. WHY? i. Attitude strength ii. Attitude ambivalence iii. Norms/behavioural control 5. Attitude Strength a. How strongly we hold an attitude – differ between and within people b. Stronger the attitude, more likely to predict behaviour 6. Attitude ambivalence a. Component of attitudes are not in sync with each other (between component ambivalence) i. i.e. want cake, but trying to lose weight ii. within component ambivalence – inconsistent beliefs about certain aspects 1. i.e. like Angelina Jolie because she is a positive role model, but after writing letters
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