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Job Analysis PSYCH 339

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Richard Ennis

Job Analysis Outcome & Performance Goals Establish Outcome Goal Catchable Reasonable expectancy of achievement (e.g. you do 20 widgets a week then the boss said you all must do 100, you’ll feel less motivated but if you usually do 90, it’ll be not much of a problem or more motivation) Challenging Requiring effort / motivation (e.g. instead of having an outcome goal of 83, raise it to 95) Countable Observable, concrete, measurable (e.g. I’m gonna study more (is not measurable and concrete) instead (I’m gonna study 20 hours a week) Establish Performance Goals Controllable - Identify 2-3 behaviours that cause outcomes (i.e. outline plans, do what you know will help or cause the outcome; do the readings, study, and attend classes if you want to get an outcome goal of 85) - Doing things that you’re in control (which is performance) Catchable Challenging Countable Commitment: The Fifth “C” Enhanced by: *Employee participation *High self-efficacy (training, support, etc) – the employees have to believe that they can do such goal; if ever they don’t think they have the proper skills or talent, they should put such attitude in place (i.e. training, support) *Public evaluation – somebody else can tell whether or not you’re doing the right thing towards your goals (i.e. your roommate can tell you you’re not doing well to reach an 85) *Contingency rewards for progress (subgoals) – 1.) should be a form of recognition in the part of management towards the effort of the employees (unexpected recognition or rewards are better; recognition > dollars as rewards) *Management commitment – Mississippi example Management Commitment to MBO and Productivity Gains Notes: 1) Based on meta-analysis of 70 studies. 2) 68 studies showed productivity gains and 2 showed losses. 3) The mean productivity gain was 44.6%. 4) The mean decrease in costs was 26.0%. Source: Rodgers & Hunter (1991) Mission Statement *Mission statement –head or basis of the organizations goals (what is its purpose or functions); what we have to do in order to be successful *Organizational goals – parts or underneath the Mission statement *Economic (e.g. profits, growth, competition) *Product (e.g. quality, service, pricing) *Social (e.g. reputation, community involvement, employee welfare) *Crucial outputs necessary for success *Sets standards for exemplary productivity *Reference point for all processes *Ultimate goal for cascading goals Sample 1 (The company's) mission statement is to provide superior, personalized service through our staff of dedicated people. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to: *Partner with our agents. *Provide competitively-priced products and quality claims service. *Take advantage of technology. *Reward employee achievement. *Profitability. Sample 2 Our QUEST is to manage business travel and fulfill vacation dreams through our commitment to personalized, world-class service. As members of (the company) Management team, we provide the highest level of travel management in the industry. We believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance with our customers, vendors, employees, and community will result in loyal, long term relationships. We believe our service should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. We will create a profit which will enhance the lives of our employees, and, in part, will be given back to the community through programs and services. We believe that through shared QUEST decision making, our company will proactively and successfully meet the challenges of the future. We can never be less than the best. Sample 3 "Recognizing that our people are the competitive advantage, we deliver the resources and services to prepare our people to be winners, to support the growth and profitability of the company, while preserving the values and special culture of (the company)." Sample 4 Our QUEST is a continual journey to improve Quality, Understanding, Enthusiasm, Service, and Teamwork in all levels of (the company) by providing an open forum to achieve excellence in communication, work processes and to promote unity within the company. We will respect each others opinions. We will operate within a positive, professional environment. We will focus on Clients, Buds, and Vendors. We will address and satisfy both internal and external needs, never losing sight of the value of humor. We will reach for the best within ourselves. Sample 5 To be a high performance company that: *attracts customers and exceeds their expectations, *provides an enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding environment for employees, *values long-term relationships with suppliers, *serves and supports the community, and *achieves solid financial performance. Sample 6 We are committed to excellence in providing compassionate, personalized health care through: *mutual trust and respect, *education and leadership, *efficiency and service, *access and quality. *We believe that by working together, we will improve the health of the community we serve. Toyota Mission Statement Cascading Goals The Contribution of Goal Setting To Success * Goals consistently lead to improved performance. *Goals serve as self-fulfilling prophecies. *Attaining goals brings personal satisfaction. *Attaining goals is a confidence builder. *Goals serve as self-motivators and energizers. *Setting goals gives a sense of mission. Source: Dubrin (2000) Purposes of Job Analysis *HR planning: future staffing needs; succession plans *Recruitment and selection: identifying BFOR’s; setting expectations *Compensation: relative value; comparative worth; the value ($) of a job to a over-all organization *Performance appraisal: legally defensible *Goal setting: identifying process goals *Labour relations: union approval; bargaining *Training and development: gaps between KSA’s of employee & current j
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