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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Daniel Nadolny

Lecture 10 Goals systems theory - Early cognition revolution to figure everyone like computers, rational rules that people would follow - Sometimes people are not all that rational, we have goals that we want to pursue and doesn’t follow through the rational rules implied by early cognitive revolution - Goals and motivations are types of motivation and cognitive process - Not all goals are active simultaneously - Need to let go of certain goals to keep up with one of those goals o Often pursue one goal, come back to it later, and once you make progress you move on and so on Goal contagion - We end up adopting the goals of others as well - Strangers study o Working for several months, more willing to put in hard work to make money themselves - Effect is much stronger around those that we are close with - Contagion study o One had to do a task on the computer and the other had to do a search task o Confederate was always assigned to the searching task o Priming people with words that are related and unrelated to what the confederate was doing o If they felt they had a lot of overlap, had faster response time to the related words o After the task, participants helped looking for a loonie for as long as you want  Who felt connected were more likely to spend the time with them Goal de-contagion - When we feel connected to them, we end up letting go of the goals when people finish their goals Goal contagion and power - More likely to understand what is going in their minds, not even consciously, happens without even realizing - Study o People had to solve anagrams task o Had a choice of donating the money to your choice or your partner’s choice of charity o In low power, much more likely to donate to partner’s charity o In high power, much more equal in donating to either charity Certain people become associated with specific goals - When thinking of a person, will lead to think of specific goal - People can become connected to goals in our mind, when we think of another person it can activate us of our goals even without conscious awareness Instrumental others - Can classify our relationship as helpful or not - Instrumental other is someone who can help us achieve a certain goal - We realize some people will help us of our goals or impede our goal - Fitzsimons o Specify a friend who can help them with their goal o Domain was academic achievement o Later on, either primed or not primed that they have this goal of academic achievement o Results  When goal primed, felt a lot closer to instrumental friends  When not primed, two were pretty much equivalent - Draw closer to them is they feel instrument
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