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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Lecture 11 notes

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Richard Ennis

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Lecture 11: The Dating Game
Social Exchange:
Patterns in dating ads:
Men showed themselves as stable providers, and asked for beauty
and youth in their applicants. Woman advertised themselves as
such, and asked for what the men offered.
o“Sex for Success” Exchange.
Dating Rituals:
Inclusive Fitness:
We have a biological need to pass on our genes.
“Sexual Selection”
oOnly those that are most fit have a competitive advantage in
passing on their genes to future generations.
In order to do this, we need to:
oEnsure that the offspring survive to sexual maturity
oWhat is their optimal strategy for this?
Ovum (egg) genetic packet for the woman.
480 ova (12 chances per year, for 40 years)
Every time she is successful, we subtract 9.
“The selective strategy”; supply and demand. Her
genetic packets are rare. She wants to ensure that the
other 50% of the fertilization is worthy. In turn,
women run the Dating Game.
oWhat is their optimal strategy for this?
Sperm genetic packet for the man.
Infinite numbers available.
Every time he is successful, there is no
“The opportunistic strategy”; have sex at every
Women produced a new strategy for men the Family strategy.
oMen would invest in the woman, participating in ensuring
security for the family, providing for the family, and helping
raise the child. In turn, the woman would give the man
sexual exclusivity (helping the man know that the child was
in fact theirs, knowing that they were succeeding in passing
on their genetics).
oMen began to look for youth in their women so that she
would be able to produce children longer. They also looked
for indicators to show that she would be able to raise the
This lead to an interpretation of beauty.
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